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Charities that Help Those with Disabilities

Getting behind a philanthropic cause is easy when you know that the charity you’re supporting is a highly rated, strongly supported, ethically and morally sound organization.

It’s always important to do your research regardless of where you’re sending your money. Double checking never hurt anyone, so while a charity might have a large public following, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s as ethical as you may think.

Finding a charity to help is a straightforward process; choose the niche that you’d like to benefit–children, cancer patients, people with disabilities, etc–and utilize websites like CharityWatch or Charity Navigator to find quality organizations that could use your help.

For the purposes of this blog entry, I’d like to focus on helping those with disabilities. Whether adults or children, people living with disabilities are put at an immediate disadvantage from birth. They are not allowed the same blessings that many of us take for granted every day: having all five senses, the lack of social and physical limitations and the absence of a stigma surrounding your mere existence.

Thankfully, many organizations around the nation are committed to helping those with disabilities live their lives to the absolute fullest. Here are some of the highest-rated charities that help those with disabilities.

Goodwill Industries International

Many people know Goodwill as simply a chain of thrift stores that exist in seemingly most every city around the nation. However Goodwill operates as a nonprofit through these retail thrift stores. The money made through the store sales–which obtains its merchandise through donations–goes towards helping to provide people with disabilities with job training, job placement and starting community initiatives. According to Goodwill’s website, the organization helped over 300,000 people secure career training and placement last year alone.


Rating: A

% Spent on Programs: 86%

Cost to raise $100: $8

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

A spinal injury resulting from a fall from a horse permanently disabled former Superman Christopher Reeve, leaving him a quadriplegic. The foundation, started by Reeve and his wife Dana helps those with spinal cord injuries by raising awareness, securing grants to improve the quality of life for those suffering from the injuries, and by helping to search for a cure. Although both Christopher and Dana have passed, the foundation has continued to thrive, providing millions of dollars in research and quality-of-life grants to those suffering from paralysis since its start.


Rating: A-

% Spent on Programs: 82%

Cost to Raise $100: $22

Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism

About one in every 45 children in the United States live with autism. The number seems to be trending upwards, an unfortunate fact that could be attributed to how the disorder is diagnosed. Former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie has seen this first-hand, as his son Doug Jr. was diagnosed with autism at a young age. The foundation helps to provide care and resources to families with children who have autism through grants and partnerships.

Charity Navigator

Rating: 93.33/100

% Spent on Programs: 78.3%

Cost to Raise $100: $11