The change of any season can be a turbulent time for both parents, students, and teachers. While countless blogs offer advice for parents on how to make that transition easier for their children, it’s not all that common to read an article geared toward the parent and his or her intentions.


Why Set School Year Intentions?


Much like the process of setting New Year’s Resolutions, the act of setting new intentions for the school year can be a great activity that benefits you and your family. When setting intentions, don’t shy away from small goals. The purpose of creating new habits is to better your life in a sustainable way!


Examples of School Year Intentions


It can be hard to switch gears after the long summer of rest and relaxation. Now that school is back in session, days are busier and nights are shorter. As a parent, you can feel this pressure build as you begin to balance your career and your children’s school work. Here are a few different examples of intentions you can start today.

Intention For Your Family


What’s the one thing you’d like to strengthen in your family unit? Quality time? Communication? It may feel difficult to outline your family’s weaknesses but this is the first step towards growth.


Intention For Yourself


Think of the school year as a fresh start. This can be a great time to dive into a new hobby just for yourself! Take a few minutes to reflect on areas in your life that you’d like to improve. Maybe you’d like squeeze in extra exercise each week. Or you’re looking to cook a slightly more adventurous repertoire of foods for your family. One of the best perks of starting a school year resolution is that the process will feel less contrived. You’re not embarking on a cultural tradition that typically fails; you’re making the choice to better your life. That choice starts today!


Intention For Your Community


Each year it happens. Your child brings home her folder stuffed with volunteer opportunities. While you’d love to attend each field trip or class party, it may not be feasible with your career. That doesn’t mean you should disregard it entirely! While helping out during the school day may never be a possibility, chances are there are dozens of volunteer opportunities in your community. Whether you donate a Saturday afternoon to help tutor students or your family works together to rake leaves for your elderly neighbor, you can practice and model volunteerism in many ways!


Start autumn off on the right foot by creating intentional goals that will better your life and the lives of those who you love!